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Medical Equipment

Most equipment of medical industry need accurate temperature control and reliability:

。Blood analysis

。Medical lasers

。Cell Culture Cabinets


。PCR (Polymarase Chain Reaction)

Normally use air to air or air to plate TE solution, typical industry user as Waters, Beckman, GE, Philips etc.

Telcom Cabinet

Telcom data transmit request lots of wireless stations, there are lots of their device need to be cool:

。Batter Cabinet 

。Transmission laser

。Components testing

This industry use a lot of air to air conditioner for huge quantity stations.

Laser and Scientific Instruments

For themal cycling, reliable temperature performance, laser and scientific instruments use lots of TE solution.

。Waste gas moisture disposition

。Laser detection

。IR sensor

。X/Gamma-ray detection

Use Adcol ATL or ATP product, typical customer such as thermofisher, Hans laser, Toshiba, Shimadzu etc.


Seat cooling/heating system use Thermoelectric unit, also new electric vehicle has the batter temperature manage system designed using thermoelectric products.

Power Industry

To improve the safety of power supply, many power equipment maker add thermoelectric dehumidifier in the switch cabinet. Adcol product ATD035-220VAC are used widely in this application.


Applications for military and aerospece, as well as for various kinds of detectors, are key markets for thermoelectrics.

Adcol provide Russia TE Module and Element for China military manufacturer.

LED Lighting

LED Market grow up very fast, outdoor LED Panel gererate lots of heat, thermoelectric solution is used to help dissipate the heat, also burn-in test equipment too.

Use air to plate, air to liquid solution.

Food and Consumer products

Portable refrigerators, water coolers etc provide low temperature for food storage or transportation. 

This market has big volume and ask for lower product expected life as cost concern.



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