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  • Specifications
    • Product Name:Double Channels Thermoelectric Dehumidifier
    • Number:ATD200
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  • Details
  • Currently we provide 200W standard dehumidifier with high performance thermoelectric modules. It can cool the gas and remove the moisture quickly and effectively and can be indispensable at the pre-processing stage for various gas analyzers.

    Typical Application: Automated measuring systems and analyzers for pollution gas


    Our client: SHIMADZU


    No. of channels: Double

    Cooling method: Thermoelectric cooling

    Heat radiation method: Forced air cooling,with built-in fan

    Joints: Rc 1/4

    Power Input: 200W

    Overall dimensions(mm): W220*D167*H255

    Weight: 4kg

    Frame material: Steel, White Paint,SUS (optional)

    Outside air temperature/Inlet gas temperature/Inlet gas dew point: 0-45℃

    Maximum gas flow: Parallel arrangement 1.5?/min per channel, Serial arrangement 3?/min

    Outlet gas dew point: 1~3℃

    Short-term ripple: +- 0.1℃

    Temperature control method: 1-3 ℃

    Setting accuracy: 1.0℃ +- 0.5℃

    Control accuracy: +- 0.1℃


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